At Technology Student Association (TSA), their mission is to foster growth and leadership skills within Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, also known as STEM. Participants can apply their knowledge of these STEM concepts through the association's co-corricular competitions and programs. "Nearly 4,000,000 middle and high school students nationwide aspire to be future engineers, scientists and technologists through the Technology Student Association"

"Bollman Tech's career and technical educational programs prepare students for today's competitive and dynamic workplace by providing them with essential post-secondary and workforce readiness skills. Each program has an active advisory committee comprised of business professionals, community members, educators and students. These committees provide a current perspective on industry standards and expectations."

Team Penta

We are five high school guys in AP Computer Science at Bollman Technical Education Center who love to work on computers and create software solutions to make things happen. We have the opportunity to show off our skills in a technical competition in February hosted by an organization called Technology Student Association. There are two seperate competitions we are entering: Webmaster and Software Development.
In Webmaster, we have to research drones and find information on their commercial purposes, and uses. We must create a web page that displays the information we have gathered in a unique and creative way.
In Software Development, we are in charge of designing a real, working program for anything that we want. We, Team Penta, decided what better way to work on these projects than to combine them. So, for our Software Design project we will be building a drone that will include a camera, temperature gauge, and many other features. We have to design the software to make the drone fly and gather data.

Our Project: PentaVision

The PentaVision Drone is a modification to the drone kit that Team Penta has purchased from 3D Fly. Team Penta built their own software for the drone so that the drone can fly, turn and more. There are more modifications to come to the PentaVision Drone and we are open to ideas and opinions on our drone. To give us your support, feedback and ideas for the PentaVision Drone, Please Contact Us.... Thank you for your support.

Amazon Prime Air has launched a drone to revolutionize the future of delivery. Instead of using men and trucks and long delivery processes to deliver their items, a team at Amazon have taken this new idea of drones to ship products to their consumers at a lower cost and in an extremely small amount of time. The system works by using a pad that is placed in your front yard so that the drone knows where to land. Your packages can be delivered in 30 minutes (or less).